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Air Conditioning

All air conditioning systems lose refrigerant naturally (at 10-15% per year) and with it the oil that provides necessary lubrication.

The consequences of low refrigerant are:

  • Poor cooling.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Long term expensive repair bills.

We understand that your car is important to you and its annoying when your air conditioning goes wrong. Like all mechanical things maintenance is the key to keeping it working in top performance. Unfortunately refrigerant leaks do occur and as the performance decreases your fuel consumption goes up, the compressor having to work harder to maintain the vehicles interior temperature. Most modern air conditioning systems use a pollen filter to extract particulates including pollen entering the driving compartment these require regular changing to remain working efficiently.

We strongly recommend you have your air conditioning system serviced every other year to keep it in prime condition and avoid expensive repair bills.

Full service consists of:

  • Visual Inspection of system.
  • Performance test of system.
  • Vacuum test of system (30mins).
  • Check condition and tension of drive belt.
  • Check auxiliary fan operation.
  • Clean condenser of debris.
  • Remove and check quantity of refridgerant, and replenish with correct quantity.
  • Replenish lubricant as required.

If you are experiencing insufficient cooling or you feel that there could be a problem or leak with the system in your vehicle then please contact us, where we have the equipment and trained staff to deal with your air conditioning problems.

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